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At Hearing Aids Pensacola, we understand how hard it can be to live everyday life with hearing loss. Contact us today and let us help you hear better! Call and schedule your free hearing test today.

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Hearing Aids Pensacola

Do you have a hard time hearing your friends when you are out at a restaurant? Do you ask people to stop mumbling because you can’t understand what they are saying? Do you miss the sounds of birds chirping?

We want to help you. We give hearing tests, offer all hearing aid brands, we make custom earmolds and hearing protection, and we supply batteries and accessories.

When you have hearing loss, you can feel left out of life. Hearing Aids Pensacola is here to help you. Give us a call for your free hearing test!

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About Hearing Aids Pensacola

Hearing Aids Pensacola has been serving the great community of Pensacola for a long time. We have helped many people hear better so that they can live their life to the fullest by reconnecting with their friends and loved ones.

The goal of our experienced team members is to help each patient find the best solution for their hearing health. Our staff is trained and ready to counsel with you about your concerns and answer your questions. We believe in giving comprehensive tests to be able to give you the best hearing care outcome. We value our patients and their families and want you to leave highly satisfied with your experience at Hearing Aids Pensacola.

Our Pensacola hearing center loves our Pensacola community and we hope to help many people get back into life!. We want to help YOU by giving you the best service and to help you hear better! Don’t hesitate to call us today to schedule your free hearing test and consultation with one of our hearing care specialists Pensacola FL. We look forward to hearing from you!

Why Choose Us?

We see a lot of people at Hearing Aids Pensacola. We enjoy meeting new patients and we love when we have a long standing relationship with them. Our patients stay with us for many years because they know that we give quality service. We see them often when they come back for programming, batteries, and cleanings. This helps us keep abreast of their hearing health and of any changes to their lifestyle.

Many of our patients have been referred to us by their neighbors and friends because they know that we give exceptional service. This is always a compliment to us because we pride ourselves in being a great hearing care company.

We know that we are the best place in town to have your hearing health taken care of and here are a few reasons why:

  • Our patients are number one
  • We love helping people hear better and reconnect with family
  • Our team is trained often about new technologies
  • We offer state of the art hearing aids
  • We give exceptional follow up service
  • We have a money back 30 day guarantee

Hearing Aids Pensacola wants to be the place that you come for your hearing healthcare needs. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment for your hearing test. We will give you the care you need to help you find solutions to your hearing loss.

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Get Your Free Hearing Consultation!

What To Expect

At Hearing Aids Pensacola, we hope that when you walk into our doors that you feel that you are in good hands. Our team is like family and we will treat you like you are a part of our family.

Our patients know that when they are with us, we will show them the respect that they deserve and help put them at ease by answering their questions and addressing their concerns.

When you come in for your hearing test Pensacola appointment, we will have you fill out some paperwork regarding your health history and lifestyle. We discuss with you the causes of hearing loss and the different types of hearing loss.

Our professional will look into your ears with an otoscope to make sure your ear canal and ear drum are clear. You will be given a tympanometry test to determine if there are issues in the middle ear by checking your ear pressure.

We will have you sit in a hearing booth and with a set of headphones on your head, you will be given a series of tones and words that are in different frequencies and sound levels.

After the tests are performed, our hearing professional will go over the results with you. The results will help our professional guide you to choosing the right Pensacola hearing aids to suit your specific hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Styles

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Our Hearing Aid Services

We are happy to provide the following services for you. We have dedicated staff that will be ready to answer any questions regarding your hearing loss. There is a lot of information available to help you understand how hearing aids work, the different types of hearing aids, signs of hearing loss, and how hearing aids will benefit you and your family.

Hearing Loss Help

If you feel that you are having a hard time keeping up with conversations or feel that people mumble, you may have the signs of hearing loss. Hearing loss can happen over a long period of time and some people don’t seek help for many years. It’s important to get help so that we can stay a part of everyday life.

It has been found that people who suffer from hearing loss and don’t get help eventually isolate themselves and have depression.

If you have hearing loss, give our hearing aid specialist a call today so she can help you!

Quality Hearing Devices

We offer all hearing aid brands and we are trained in knowing what each provides in technology and features. The higher end hearing aids have more technology and features like bluetooth, masking features, and smartphone apps. It can be hard to know which hearing aids are best or what style of hearing aids are best. “How much is a hearing aid?” is a common question when people are looking for hearing aids. We will help you work within your budget. After your hearing free test Pensacola, our audiologist will prescribe the right hearing devices for your particular hearing loss.

Hearing Aid


Hearing aids may need a minor repair once in a while and we can help you with that.

We can service all major brands and if it’s a minor repair, we can fix it in our office while you wait. If it’s something that we can’t fix, we will send it to the hearing aid manufacturer for repair.

In the meantime, we will give you a loaner aid to wear until your hearing aid comes back. Call us for your hearing aid repair Pensacola.

Hearing Tests

We provide a complete evaluation at Hearing Aids Pensacola. After your test, our professional will go over your test results on your audiogram and determine the best hearing solution.

We can help you choose hearing aids that will suit your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. Call us today for your free hearing test Pensacola FL.

Cleaning and Earwax Removal

It’s important to keep your hearing aids clean. We offer professional cleaning in our office while you wait.

We have the right equipment to clean hard to reach places on the hearing aid. We also offer earwax removal.

If you have excess earwax or an impaction, our hearing aid doctor will be able to remove it with a special ear curette or with irrigation.

Hearing Aid Programming

We offer adjustments for all, whether you are a patient at Hearing Aids Pensacola or not. Our team is highly trained in programming and we do our best to adjust the hearing aids to deliver the best results. We understand that the difference between good hearing aids and bad hearing aids is the way they are programmed. If your hearing aids aren’t performing the way you like, give our hearing aid programmer today!

Customer Testimonials

After reading some hearing aid reviews about low cost hearing aids, I decided to call Hearing Aids Pensacola for a hearing specialist near me. “How much are hearing aids?” was my first question when I had my appointment. My hearing aid specialist Pensacola was very informative about how much hearing aids cost and what kind of hearing aid I could purchase with my budget. I appreciate their willingness to help me find the right hearing aids that I could afford.


There are many hearing aid stores near me, but Hearing Aids Pensacola was recommended by a friend. I really enjoyed the great care I received from my hearing aid dispenser. I felt like I was her first priority the whole time I was there.


When I was looking online to find hearing tests near me or hearing aids near me, I came across some great reviews about Hearing Aids Pensacola. The audiologist Pensacola was knowledgeable and helped answer my questions. I had exceptional service throughout my appointment.


About Pensacola Florida

Pensacola is the westernmost city in the Florida Panhandle. The population is estimated to be over 53,000 people. It is the principal city of the metropolitan area, which has over 502,000 residents.

The median income for a household is $46,000 and Pensacola is home to a number of annual festivals, events, historic tours and landmarks. It is the site of the Vietnam Veterans’ Wall South. In addition, when it comes to the cities high on aviation, this is the place where all naval pilots train; it also is home to the National Naval Aviation Museum and the Blue Angels Naval aerobatics team.

Cities surrounding Pensacola include:

  • Navarre, FL
  • Cantonment, FL
  • Gonzalez, FL
  • Milton, FL
  • Gulf Breeze, FL
  • Lillian, FL
  • And many other areas

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best hearing aids for me?

The hearing aids Pensacola FL that will work best for you depend on the kind and severity of your loss. Together, our hearing specialist and you will select a hearing aid that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

How do I care for my hearing aids?

When you purchase hearing aids from us, we will go over how to properly care for your hearing aids.

  • It is important to keep them away from heat and moisture and to store them in a dry place.
  • You should change the batteries often. Open the battery doors when you are not using the hearing aids. This helps release trapped moisture.
  • Keep them free from earwax by wiping them with a clean cloth or cotton swab at the end of each day.
  • Change your wax filter or wax guard. This should be done whenever you see build up on the filter.
  • Schedule routine cleanings with our specialists. We professionally clean the hard to reach places. During this time we can make adjustments if needed.

What are the different types of hearing aids?

You can find many different sizes and styles of Pensacola hearing aids today. Our hearing aid dispenser can help you choose the style that works best for your hearing loss.

In-the-ear styles are usually custom fit and available in different skin tones. You can find these styles in different sizes: Invisible In The Canal (IIC), Completely in the Canal (CIC), In the Canal (ITC), In the Ear (ITE).

Behind-the-Ear styles sit behind the outer ear and are connected to tubing and an earmold which fits into the ear canal. These include: mini BTE, Receiver in the canal (RIC).

How do I find good audiologists near me?

Asking your coworkers, family, and friends who they see for their hearing healthcare needs is a good place to start. They will be able to tell you if they had great service or if they liked how their audiologist Pensacola helped them with their hearing.

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Hearing Aids Pensacola has been serving our community for many years and we love helping our patients hear better again. It’s nice to hear how they enjoy family gatherings and enjoy going out with friends and feeling a part of the conversations. Their new hearing aids have really helped them get back into life again.

Your hearing matters to us! Our experienced staff are ready to give you the best hearing healthcare that you need. We take great pride in our customer service and caring attitude. Our patients know that they are our top priority when they walk through our doors.

Let us help you get the most out of life with better hearing care and hearing solutions. Call Hearing Aids Pensacola and make an appointment today to see our hearing aid audiologist. We are looking forward to getting to know you!

Hearing Aids Pensacola

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